Meet N.E.S.: Interview With Chicago’s Rising Producer

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Narada el Sol, also known as N.E.S., began his career in music in his basement where he practiced being a deejay at the young age of 14.  Self-taught on the 1’s and 2’s, he discovered a love for music which led him to the path of becoming a producer. N.E.S. has been rapping since the age of 6. AUDIO ART, released August 2015, is the latest album from N.E.S. This project, referred to as a masterpiece, is rooted in classic hip-hop yet boldly breaks away from the current trends in rap by showcasing a distinguished style that is a welcomed change in today’s rotation of music.

For those completely unaware, who are you?

My name is N.E.S. Short for Narada El Sol, and I am Englewood Chicago produced but with Harlem New York roots. I am a lover of music, art, and will give u the business on the basketball court. Music is my main chick and we have been riding since I was six.

Which of your songs means the most to you?

I have so many songs, I’m hoping your are speaking of the new album, if so… “Ancestors” means the most because I really wanted to create a song where I can give praise to some of the people that are not here with us who made me the person that I am. I can be a bit confusing being a conscious artist who comes from a rough family and background. So the song Ancestors is my shout out to anyone that had a hand in raising me. It’s also to help the audience understand why I am this way.

When did you discover your voice as an artist?

Hmmm. Discover my voice, I would have to say I have always been interested in the things I still care about now which are freedom, justice, equality… I can remember being 9 yrs old and being attracted to Malcolm more so Martin. These figures are both very important but for a boy coming of age you have to make a decision at some point to either be a lover or a fighter, like in the samurai movies… If you pick the ball you go with mom, if you pick the sword you go with dad.

You spent most of your life in Chicago but attended school in New York briefly. How does your music reflect your experiences in both regions?

Not only did I go to school in N.Y but I have been back and forth through out my life being that my mother’s side of the fam is there and father’s side is here in Chicago. So throughout my life I can say I lived there 4 times but never longer than 2 yrs. I feel like Harlem is in my blood so much that my tone of voice and taste in music can not escape it no matter how long I’m in Chicago. Growing up I felt like having roots in N.Y gave me an extra flavor that Chi. rappers didn’t have which made me different, and plus knowing the roots of this culture is a huge bonus so I incorporated all of these elements in what I created… Getting my gangterism’s from Chi and culture of Hip Hop from N.Y

What was the inspiration for your new project “Audio Art”?

The inspiration for Audio Art was from feeling like Hip Hop has lost the artistic and cultural aspects of it.. Even when I go to N.Y. nowa days, they sound like they want to  be from Chicago.. When the mecca of this culture has lost it’s unique sound, something is wrong or maybe it’s just time for something new to emerge. So me practicing all elements of hip hop at some point in my life I felt like I need to be a reminder of what use to be, not really caring about the trends of today’s music and being as colorful as they were when Hip Hop had a lot of different flavors.
What’s your opinion of the current state of mainstream hip-hop?
My opinion on mainstream hip hop… I feel like a lot of things in the entertainment world are by design therefore all of the music that sounds the same is apart of the same agenda.. It’s up to the listener to be subjected to the foolery that is so dominate on the radio right now. We have some good music that slips through the cracks but they are very few and far between. Mainstream to me is like the police, if you still believe in this system then they got you, you are officially “Radio Programmed”

Obviously you do everything from mixing, engineering, producing etc. When are you happiest?

Yes, I do wear many hats but there’s nothing like creating the music. I am not the kind of producer that takes a bunch of prearranged loops and put them together and say that I made this music, I like to be more organic than that. It’s something about creating harmony among multiple sounds and not having them clash but actually working together.

How did Beat Shoppers get created?

Being in school in New York for Audio engineering, I was inspired by the set up of the school and how it was mostly a hands on experience.  I played around with a few ideas before actually taking myself serious and before I knew it I was writing a proposal to do a music program at my old High School.

What’s next for N.E.S.?

Right now I am happy to be working with Ming’s Dynasty on a project.. Ming has known me since I was a shorty. He has made some traction in the game and has had distribution deals with major labels but I was still developing then. Now that I have proved myself as an artist I think he sees the potential in working with me.. So we will have a project if not at the end of this year, then early next year.  But “Audio Art” is still very new and very, very DOPE!!!  So please go support!

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Be sure to download AUDIO ART and vibrate higher with N.E.S. and Pro Blk. Music. In the words of Marcus Garvey, “Up Ye Mighty Race.” PRO BLK. IZA LEGACY!

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