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Meet The Parents: Impressing Your Boo’s Mom & Pops

Those holiday parties and family gatherings are coming up it’s the perfect time to meet your significant other’s parents. Make it your mission not to let your nerves get in the way. Here are a few ways you can make a good first impression:

Look Presentable: Remember to dress the way you want to be addressed. That doesn’t mean dress like you’re going to a job interview or anything, but put a little effort into your fit. Wear something you’re comfortable in but still looks nice. Do your hair, and remember that hygiene is extremely important! Spray on your favorite perfume/cologne but don’t make it too overbearing. Do this and you’re set to go.

Be Respectful: This should be common sense but it’s worth mentioning anyway—don’t talk to boo’s parents as if you were talking to your friends. In the same sense, be respectful to your partner too. Parents can be overprotective of their kids, so even if you joke around with them on a daily basis, their parents probably don’t want to know how you act around each other when y’all are alone. Parents could mistake your playful ways as being disrespectful.

Be Yourself: The most important part is to be you. While you want to make a good impression on them, this doesn’t mean you have to make up lies about who you are for them to like you. Just put your best self out there. Being yourself will help you become more comfortable. If your significant other likes you for who you are then his or her parents probably will too.

By Veronica Ruiz, Senior, Lane Tech, Instagram: @v.eronicaruiz

Written by Veronica Ruiz

17 years old and enjoying it. I love to write...but bios? Definitely not my thing.

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