Megan Clears The Air About Shooting

It’s no secret that rapper Megan thee Stallion has been shot, but she’s been keeping quiet about the situation. Understandably so, considering all the judgement and blame she received when she announced that she’d been shot. She finally had enough of all the internet trash talking from “fans,” randoms, and even other celebrities and decided to clear the air about everything that happened that night.

It’s very obvious that she’s beginning to become annoyed with people bringing up the situation and making up their own versions of the story. She broke her silence for the second time and told us what actually happened. “You [Tory Lanez] shot me and you got your publicist and these people going to these blogs lying,” Megan said on a recent Instagram Live. I thought that her speaking her truth would make all of the trolls go away, but it only added more fuel to their fire.

“You [Tory Lanez] shot me and you got your publicist and these people going to these blogs lying,” Megan said.

People on the internet continue to blame the “WAP” rapper for being shot despite her showing photos of her injured feet (published on and telling the entire story of the night in question. Some trolls even went as far as comparing her to Tekashi 69 and calling her a “snitch” which is baffling. How can she be considered a snitch for telling the story of how she was shot by someone when she has no ties to any gangs or anything closely related? She was a victim who was, and still is, getting slandered for being injured. Also, everyone already knew Lanez was the one responsible for the shooting before Megan even decided to say anything, considering on the same night that the incident took place, he was arrested on a gun possession charge. To connect the dots even further, Lanez has gone completely ghost on social media. This is unlike him, since earlier in quarantine he was going live on Instagram almost every day. It isn’t difficult to add up two and two and get four.

I find the way that Megan is being treated unacceptable. I just know if she was a White woman, the treatment would be completely different. “It’s upsetting how Black women are so unprotected and we as black men should do more to protect them,” said Keith Edwards, a freshman at Harold Washington College. I agree with him. She shouldn’t be gas lit or victim shamed. She should be receiving nothing but love and support while she’s going through this difficult time and she’s getting anything but that.

Fortunately, not everyone is dragging Megan. Celebs Micheal B. Jordan and Halley Berry took to Twitter to suport the rapper. Jordan wrote, “Meg I admire your courage and applaud you for speaking up. We must support Black women, protect Black women, and believe Black women.” Berry had a ride or die mentality to her tweet.

CNN has said that the investigation is still ongoing and hopefully this means that Lanez can be held accountable for his actions. I hope that Megan is healing quickly and doing well mentally despite receiving all of this unnecessary hate.


By Cierra Lemott, Freshman, Columbia College Chicago

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Cierra Lemott

Written by Cierra Lemott

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