Melanie Fiona Makes Some Changes In Her Life!

Melanie-Fiona-The-Coveteur-1Your girl Mel has made some major changes in her life. She left her record label. What is she doing next in her life–you may wonder. Mel said,

“Right now I’m in such a great place. The motto is ‘If it doesn’t make me happy, healthy, or creative, I’m not involved’. Staying on that path, I’ve been working on putting out free music for my fans, while I work on my third album. It’s a great way for me to work my inner artist and service the fans with music. I’m about to put a mini bundle of music called ‘Free Love’. I have a song out right now off that compilation called ‘Cold Piece’. In July, I was approached by Nike to be a part of their Women’s Marathon in San Francisco, this October. I was completely honored. It’s a great way for me to challenge myself in such a positive way, for such a important reason. I will be running for a friend of mine who is battling cancer right now.”

Her dream is to do a collaboration with Stevie Wonder. She def has the voice for it. She also stated that she loved working with Jay Z. Be on the look out for Mel. I’m hoping she pursues all her dreams and goals.

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Written by Eri Loves


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