Meninism Is Actually A Thing


Meninism has been sweeping social media. I’m sure everyone has heard of Feminism, but Meninism? Is that a word? Not really, but here’s the thing. It’s the belief that men should be equal to women socially, politically, and economically. Let’s be honest though. There is no such thing as gender equality. Meninists feel like there are many double standards, which there are. However, double standards are what makes the world go round.

Without certain things, the world would be unbalanced. Everyone’s way of life would be literally turned upside down. Things like women taking out the trash and men being “house husbands” are probably the belief of the Meninists. Or even women opening the door for men and men expressing emotions openly. They might even feel as if in some occasions they are unappreciated. Given that there’s a National Women’s Day, there should be a National Men’s Day as well. It makes total sense with the whole #GenderEqualityMovement, but is it realistic?

Ha! The way of feminism is to empower women, lift them up, and make them equal to the men. Meninists are missing the entire point of it. Some Meninists are actually trying to spread awareness about how men also get raped and drugged and go through the same barriers as women. Here’s another trend: #FreeTheNipple. This trend is to support feminists and stresses how men are allowed to walk around with their shirts off but women aren’t. It’s a totally valid point. Meninism is a derision of feminism and isn’t fair to the feminists. In today’s society, we have clearly defined gender roles. Whether or not we choose to follow them, they are definitely there. Meninism is not needed.

Destini Lindsey, Junior, ChiArts

Written by IVC Productions


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