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It’s no secret that a lot of guys play COD with their friends, or Elden Ring, or Fortnite. Gaming is something that a lot of guys play in their free time during breaks of relaxation, but it can also be a huge cause of stress.

As a guy, I’ve had a lot of those moments myself. I’m a huge fan of Terraria, but some of those bosses, like The Empress of Light, have made me come close to smashing my keyboard. Even though its just pixels on a screen, they can cause a lot of rage and frustration. Tons of my guy friends can attest to this, too.

Ezan Charo, an in-coming freshman at Chapman University, has had a lot of stressful experiences with video games. “Usually I play video games to unwind, but competitive multiplayer games can definitely sour your mood. When I first started playing Sea of Thieves, my ship was raided by other players and my ship was sunk in moments.” He continued, “Losing all the loot I had gathered for hours on end obviously didn’t feel great.”

Lincoln Park High School rising junior, Leaf Navia, agreed that gaming has also caused him a great deal of frustration and stress. “I play Elden Ring a lot, and I get really mad at that game. I love that game, but I get really mad at it. The boss Malenia, especially.” When asked him how many tries it took him to finally defeat her, he said, “Probably like, fifty.”

In honor of Men’s Mental Health Awareness Month, here are some tips on how to reduce frustration without quitting gaming entirely.

One: Take breathers. It’s okay to take a break after a tough match or bossfight. Walking away from your console or computer, drinking some water, and stepping outside to inhale a breath of fresh air are all great for filling you with new energy. Also, just doing chores, taking a nap, or other tasks you might have to do and coming back to the game a few hours later help a lot, too!

Two: Change up strategies. If you’re stuck on a boss, the reason you’ve been defeated for the 500th time might be because you’re trying the same technique over and over again. Try switching things up, like your weapon, where your skill points are located, where you attack or dodge the boss from, etc. There’s no shame in looking up some online guides, as well.

Three: Let yourself relax. This might seem obvious, but after a tough game, I can feel that I’ve been tensing up my back and shoulder muscles like crazy. Try sinking into your chair, and letting go of some of that frustration.

I hope these tips work for you. What’s your experience been with gaming? Let me know!


By Inti Navia, Sophomore, Columbia College Chicago

All Platforms: @intinavia


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Written by Inti Navia

I love nerding out over Star Wars, Gravity Falls, and Lord of the Rings. I'm an introvert with a never ending appreciation for all things Sci-Fi and fantasy media.

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