Michael Airhart Gives Back with Taste for the Homeless

Michael Airhart

Michael Airhart recently hit the streets with his Taste for the Homeless event. He bought two U-Haul trucks and filled them from head to toe with a variety of foods such as bread, milk, cheese, corn, steak, chicken, and more. Airhart stated, “I want to share my blessing to those in need. I wake up every morning and I’m blessed to be able to take care of myself. Every blessing I get, why not share it? I have been doing this for nine years and this is the best thing in my life that I like to do.’’

The event took place on 63rd and Ashland in the Englewood community at 2pm. During the event there were police present to ensure everything was safe. Many police officers took it upon themselves to pitch in with feeding those in need.

While many people were waiting in line for Airhart and his crew to unload the trucks and finish setting up, Megan and Insurance Wireless were there to give out free phone to those who wanted one. The only requirement for a free phone was a personal ID. The phone was also activated so you would be able to make calls, text, and use the internet.

Airhart stated this is a daily event and will take place in the same spot on the corner of 63rd and Ashland. Airhart welcomes volunteers and takes donations towards giving food to those in need. He can be contacted via Instagram @Tasteforthehomeless or @Michaelairhartexperience or at tis website


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