Miss Illinois Shares Her Teen Driving Experience At State Farm’s “Celebrate My Drive”

On September 15th, State Farm teamed up with True Star to cover their teen driver safety program called Celebrate My Drive at York Town Mall in Lombard, Illinois. Through a partnership with State Farm Insurance, Miss Illinois 2012, Megan Ervin came out to talk to people about the facts on distracted driving.

True Star chatted with the young pageant winner and got some fun facts about her teen driving experience and advice for future drivers..

TS: How was it getting your driver’s license?

M: Well I’m from Rushville, Illinois, a very small city occupying about 4,000 people, so it was the thing to do there on your 16th birthday. I got to miss the first half of the school day to go to the DMV to get my license and I drove back to school driving my new car. It was exciting for me. I felt the liberty and freedom from being my own driver.

TS: Did you have any car incidents when you first started driving as a teen?

M: When I started driving, I drove a 2000 Pontiac Sunfire (better known as a Hoopty). After four days of driving, it broke down on the middle of the road. A 2002 Red Alero was my next car that I then drove throughout my high school years. Four days before I won Miss Illinois, it broke down! I guess the whole “Four day break down” thing stuck with me.

TS: From your past experiences, what advice would you offer your teen self on driving?

M: I would’ve told myself to stay calm and relaxed when driving. You don’t need to ramble and rush when you’re trying to get places. It’s always better to get somewhere late and safely rather than fast and possibly dealing with getting a speeding ticket.

By- Braylyn Brown

Twitter: @Bray_DGAF

Written by IVC Productions


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