More Facts Dropped About Breonna Taylor’s Case

Attorney General Daniel Cameron

The Breonna Taylor verdict that came out on September 23rd was honestly heartbreaking. Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron did absolutely nothing to get Breonna Taylor the justice she deserved. He justified the behavior of the cops that killed her, and only one officer got charged for all the bullets that “didn’t” hit Taylor.

Since then,Vice News has obtained video footage showing what took place moments after Taylor was shot and killed by Louisville Metro Police officers. According to CNN, former officer Brett Hankison was shown in the video inquiring about shell casings that came from the officers shooting. Hankison, the only officer “charged” for something, was said to have been blindly shooting which resulted in bullets going into the walls of other apartment units.

Another video obtained by Vice News shows Kenneth Walker, the boyfriend of Taylor, being arrested and an officer threatened to let his police dog loose on him if he didn’t follow the instructions that were given.

It was announced Tuesday that, “A juror in the Breonna Taylor case contends that the Kentucky attorney general misrepresented the grand jury’s deliberations and failed to offer the panel the option of indicting the two officers who fatally shot the young woman,” according to the Sun-Sentinel. It was requested that the grand jury deliberations were released. Though Attorney General Cameron confirmed this request, he then asked a judge to postpone the release by a week. He asked for this delay “in the interest of protection of witnesses, and in particular private citizens named in the recordings,” according to WDRB. It seems like everyone is being protected and cared for except Taylor.

What good is going to come from this delay? No one is going to attack those who were a part of the grand jury because we know that they were forced to not charge the two officers that killed Taylor. That happened because the attorney general said so, not the jury.

I don’t really understand why the attorney general is trying so hard to protect these officers when it’s clear that they were the ones in the wrong. Hopefully, the release of the grand jury recording will give us all some much needed clarity and patch up some of the holes that were created by Cameron.


By Cierra Lemott, Freshman, Columbia College Chicago

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Cierra Lemott

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