Move Halloween!

Should Halloween Fall On The Last Saturday Of The Month Permanently?

They don’t call it #Halloweeknd for no reason. Due to Halloween falling on crappy Wednesday this year, this gives less time to enjoy the annual exciting spooky night with friends and family. Therefore, the Halloween Industry Association is petitioning President Trump to change Halloween to the last Saturday in October for every year, regardless of which date it may originally fall on.

October 31st is a day looked forward to by thousands of people because this can be considered the one day out of the year a person can become anything they’ve ever wanted to be. Moving that day to a Saturday would give more people the spirit that Halloween oozes to encourage more participation and a longer, safe, and stress-free spooky celebration.

So far the petition has acquired 9,000 signatures within a three month span. According to, 51 percent of millennials say Halloween is their favorite holiday. Moving the Halloween date to a Saturday would give people a break from work, longer trick or treating time, and an everlasting weekend filled with haunted houses.

Although, moving the official Halloween day to a Saturday would be sort of awkward to adjust to, it would definitely be worth it. People could do a smaller celebration or less engaging activities on the actual date of Halloween, but the huge events are definitely worth the wait for the weekend.

Being able to stay out all night and enjoy the spooky season with the fall weather during the weekend can generate memories to last a lifetime. Late nights, windows down, and spirits high. As well as more opportunities for safety, because Halloween would cause for more designated police officials scouting the areas.

I really believe that moving Halloween to the weekend is a good idea, and that eventually everyone will start using #Halloweeknd for the spooky season.


By Kori Barnes, Freshman, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Twitter: @korixnicole

Written by IVC Productions

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