Movie Lovers Get A Massive Dub

Get $3 Tickets on Sept 3rd for National Cinema Day

Movie lovers, this article is for you! On August 28th, The Cinema Foundation, a non-profit part of the National Association of Theater Owners, announced the launch of National Cinema Day. This will be a nationwide discount day for all big time theatres, making movie ticket prices only three bucks. Yes, you read that right. I said $3. This new holiday has its first debut on September 3rd of this year, and will hopefully become an annual thing with 3,000 theatres participating.

It’s no secret that theatres are losing the war to streaming services these days. I prefer the theatre experience personally, but a lot of people would rather wait for a movie to leave the theatres and go  to one of the many streaming services. This new holiday is the theatres’ way to get people back into the buildings and get people excited about movies in general. Before people sit and enjoy their cheap movie on September 3rd, they will be shown a sizzle reel of upcoming movies from all of our favorite film studios.

National Cinema Day might be a ploy to get people into theatres, but I think this holiday has the potential to celebrate movies as a whole. I’m really excited that my biggest passion ever is getting its own holiday, and you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be in the theater to celebrate it. Organizers of the holiday say that this year’s event is a trial and could become an annual fixture, so go get yourself and your family some cheap tickets and support the birth of this amazing new holiday.


By Gary Langfield Jr, Senior, The Noble Academy


Written by Gary Langfield

A dude from Chicago with the dream of making movies one day.

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