Much More Than Jhene’s Big Sis: Mila J


On my list of pet peeves, demeaning someone to who their associated with just isn’t right.

Especially when they have worked to make a name for themselves already.

Mila J has been out here making noise in the music industry for a while, yet a lot of people only know her as Jhene Aiko’s sister.94b09cf835f09e038487add4137fb82b

I’ve always kept my ear to Mila, but from “Smoke, Drink, Break Up” to “Disrespectful” with Trigga, baby girl has been putting in work. I think she is one of the few female artist that can do what she does. And by that, I mean make songs that a 20 year old should be making and still make it work. Technically she is old enough to have a high school aged child, but she still has that young fly-life type of style.




Also, she is also one of those tastemakers of the music industry that advise and help write songs for some of our favorite artists! But at the end of the day, Mila J is real. She really says what us girls want a song to say. My top 3 have to be “Move”, “Disrespectful”, and “Kickin Back”. Along with “Fuckboy” and “Oohwee”.mila-j-kickin-back-video

Check Her Out Y’all!

Written by Shay

Working so I'll no longer have to introduce myself💯.


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