Music BuZz: Is Danity Kane Reuniting?

Danity-Kane-studioYes you read that question so right! Surprise surprise huh? The girls are in the studio working on a new single with one of Chris Brown’s producers,Freshm3n III. Shannon,Aubrey,Dawn,and Audrea were all in the same studio that they recorded their last album, Welcome to the Dollhouse.

D.Woods was not there. There is no telling if she will be reuniting with the other ladies.Y’all know she was the snippy one of the group anyway. Dawn is still working on her independent career but really wants to be with DK. I’m happy they’re back.We need a girl group in the music industry. Plus I think they’ll be better without Diddy. He sucks as a producer and manager.

Looks like both of Diddy’s groups are making a comeback without him.

What do you think of Danity Kane reuniting?

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Written by Eri Loves


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