Musiq Soulchild Playlist By Shay


So today in the office I decided to switch things up a bit and put everybody in their feelings! I went to YouTube and scrolled through the RnB listings, and soon settled on “Mr. Teach Me How To Love”, so I would love to share my office Musiq Soulchild playlist with y’all!

  1. Teach Me: This song is literally the most classic track in his discography. My mother and father played this song out so much when I was younger. This track is for guys who need extra tips and tricks on being in a successful relationship and doing their part 100% of the time.
  2. Love: Now even though this song came out about 6 months after my birth I felt every lyric of this song! So don’t judge me, just go listen.
  3. HalfCrazy: Being older now and experiencing some of the things that I have, this literally hit me hard when I rediscovered it. Because there was a moment where I was on the bathroom floor just like him.
  4. So Beautiful: This is yet another track that played out by my mother so hard. From his melodies to the drums this track is everything and more.
  5. ifuleave: I didn’t have my first real boyfriend until 6 years after the release of this song but boy did I have this on repeat. Mary and Musiq just came together like collard greens and cornbread on this instrumental and made a break up song for the books.

Of course there are so many more amazing tracks to put on a playlist, but unfortunately my cellular device has been malfunctioning so all my music is gone. Yes. Like all of it, I know! But you can always watch and listen to all his hits on his VEVO channel here!

Written by Shay

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