My Top 5 from ‘Wanderlust’

A TSL review of Durand Bernarr latest project

Durand Bernarr’s latest album Wanderlust is a masterpiece! If you don’t know who Bernarr is I’ll fill you in about this legend in the making. Bernarr is a 34-year-old singer/producer from Clevand, OH. He’s sung backup for artists like Erykah Badu and Kaytranada. You might know him from his many collaborations with Ari Lennox or his song Mango Butter that trended on TikTok. In honor of his album dropping, I thought I’d share my favorite songs from Wanderlust.

Boundaries Featuring Tired And Exhausted 

“Gotta set these boundaries cause if I don’t you’ll do it for me”

Bernarr starts off the album with the song “Boundaries” about… you guessed it, setting boundaries! Him starting the album off with this song is symbolic of setting boundaries before working on anything or with anyone. BFTA is a great introduction to this masterpiece.


“I never knew how high I was until you brought me down, leveled me out”

“Leveled” is a beautiful love ballad about realizing  how much your partner has helped you grow as a person. This song has a special place in my heart because I appreciate music that honors lovers on a more substance level. Bernarr discusses being in love and his partner bringing the best out of him.


This song might be my absolute favorite on the album. “Ingredients” is full of dialogue and riffs. It gives the listeners a musical theater experience and makes you hungry for more.

Photo: LaQuann Dawson

New Management 

“Won’t I won’t I do it. Didn’t I didn’t I do it. “

“New Management” is a song celebrating yourself for your hard work paying off. This song is a true pick me up for when you’re doubting yourself and your abilities and you need to be reminded of how far you’ve come.

Mango Butter 

“I’m a bad b**ch & I’m that n**ga”

“Mango Butter” is a feel good jam. This song that trended on TikTok, had people are going crazy over its ability to highlight both masculine and feminine sides and the importance of acknowledging both when affirming yourself. This is a catchy anthem that everyone can enjoy.

Wanderlust is just one of many well written/produced albums from Bernarr. It’s an album that I have on repeat and I’m looking forward to seeing what future projects Bernarr will put out.


By Lauryn Friar, Senior, Gwendolyn Brooks College Prep

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Written by Lauryn Friar

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