Nathanael K. Cole Is His Own Boss

True Star alum co-launches marketing and colsulting company

Nathanael K. Cole, co-founder of N&A Marketing and Consulting and True Star alumni.

Entrepreneurship is not a profession that most people even register as being possible for them, but growing companies and businesses like N&A Marketing and Consulting are one inspiring example proving that it is achievable.

Created by Nathanael K. Cole and partner Ashlee M. Anderson, the company’s vision is to “Develop ideas and create opportunities with a global impact through leadership, integrity and partnership.” Not too long ago, I got to speak personally with Cole, who found his love and skills for marketing alongside the growing True Star team when he was a young teen.

When speaking with Cole we talked about a variety of topics mainly surrounding his relationship with the True Star program as well as the creation of his new business and career path as an entrepreneur.

N&A Marketing and Consulting co-founder Ashlee M. Anderson

TSL: TrueStar.Life: Tell us about your company’s goal.
Nathanael K. Cole: N&A Marketing and Consulting is owned by myself and my business partner, who is amazing! Shout out to her, Ashlee M. Anderson. She is the co-founder, she is the co-owner, also she the director of finances and public relations, and then I am the director of marketing. We’ve got so many things that we do, but our overall goal is to impact the world, globally. We want to impact our customers and our partners from a global standpoint, so everything that we do, everything that we say, we look at a mindset of global. We don’t just look a Chicago, we don’t just look at our local community, but we look at it globally. When we are working with ourselves and building our brand, and building our business, and having our team meetings we’re looking at globally. And then when we’re working with our clients we want them to see themselves as a global. So when we working with them we want them to understand that hey, ¨We gotta get global.¨ That’s our goal.

TSL: How did True Star prepare you for becoming an entrepreneur?

NKC: Wow great question. So I started at True Star right around 14, 15 years old and they had various programs at the time that were offered–you know– under business and business development….and various fields. …By me being a radio and marketing major, there were a lot of programs that were offered for that. So I immediately capitalized on that. At the time I had a lot of opportunities to do a lot of one-on-ones with some of the instructors, but  more so with [the founders] DeAnna and Na-Tae’. …I had the opportunity to really do a lot of one-on-ones with them individually and collectively because a lot of my internships with True Star, and even being hired, was at their headquarters. So I had a lot of opportunities to grow and learn more hands-on.

TSL: How did you begin your relationship with True Star?

NKC: I actually knew Deanna and Na-Tae’ prior to the development of True Star from various other programs I was part of. One of my very, very close friends, who was actually my god-sister–who actually passed away from a senseless crime–Michelle Gregory–was a part of True Star, so we used to have an argument going back and forth about who was the original True Star.

TSL: How did you figure out that entrepreneurship was the right path for you rather then working for somebody else?

NKC: [Laughing] Don’t nobody wanna work for nobody! Okay! You know, I just knew it at birth, you know, as we say. When I was born I knew I was born to lead, not only to lead others or what have you, but lead my own way and develop into something great to help others; so having the mindset of leadership, having the mindset of ownership, having the mindset to go beyond average. Me, not being an average young person, I knew that I wanted to be in my own position.

TSL: What would you say is the first step to starting your own business?

NKC: The first step to starting your own business is identifying a great name of your business and identifying a logo and your messaging… and I will definitely add to that having a website; a website outside of social media, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etcetera. Social media is important, but it’s not… . When having a website, it creates that professionalism that causes people to want to know more about your business and to do work with you. So I definitely would say a person needs to identify a name–what is [your] name going to be–identify a strong logo and definitely an LLC, or a partnership or whatever that looks like.


While I only spoke with one owner of the company, it was inspiring all the same to hear about Cole’s relationship with True Star and how it eventually paved the way for bigger things along his career path. His success shines hope on all young people with the same “leader” mindset to go out and start working towards their dreams now. It was an honor to hear the passion and dedication to his growing company first hand.

For more information about N&A Marketing and Consulting, visit their website at


By Kendal Amos, Sophomore, Little Black Pearl

Instagram: Kendal_Jade


Written by TrueStar Staff

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