NBA Free Agency Day 1

It’s only been one day, and already more than 50 players have a new team in the NBA. Either they wanted more money or they weren’t happy with their previous team, but all of these added up for many players. Here are some of the most notable trades, and my two cents on how they could impact the upcoming season.

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving to the Nets

After all the speculation surrounding these two, they’ve finally made a decision. Durant leaving the Warriors marks the end of the iconic big three, with Curry and Thompson alongside. Durant won’t be playing next season most likely, due to the injury he suffered in the NBA finals, but if the Brooklyn Nets make the playoffs, there’s a chance he comes back. Irving reportedly was talking about teaming up with Durant, and Brooklyn had the money for both of them. When Durant comes back in a year, the league will keep an eye on them.

Jimmy Butler to the Miami Heat

Former Chicago Bull Jimmy Butler was recently with the 76ers, and during the same season he was with the Minnesota Timeberwolves. He’s been all over the league recently, but hasn’t found his home yet. I think Miami will be it, especially since he will be their main star and talks to former player Dwayne Wade a lot. I don’t think this will have a huge impact on the league. They’ll probably make the playoffs but that’s about it, since the league is getting harder every year.

D’Angelo Russell to the Warriors and Kemba Walker to Celtics

When Durant announced he was going to the Brooklyn Nets, Warriors fans were probably worried since they couldn’t win these recent NBA finals without him. Hours later though, they signed All Star point guard D’Angelo Russell. He isn’t KD, but he certainly is a great player who can deliver another elite piece to be up there for a title contention. I think this was a good move, but won’t win them a championship. Walker to the Celtics was also a bad move in my opinion. They got rid of Irving and got Walker, who is basically the same player. I think that this won’t help the Celtics win anything either.

Derrick Rose to the Detroit Pistons

Our long loved basketball player Derrick Rose is still getting good contracts and recognition around the league. He signed with the Pistons for two years for $15 million. Many said his career was already over, but I’m sure he still has a lot left in the tank and will deliver his qualities to the team.

So there you have it. Now all we have to do is wait until next year to see if my predictions pan out.


By Angel Brito, College of The Holy Cross, Freshman

Instagram: brito.angel35


Written by TrueStar Staff

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