Need A Flick? Watch ‘The Kissing Booth 2’

Normally I’m not a huge sucker for the cliche teenage romance films that are so predictable that you know the ending 15 minutes in. However, I couldn’t help but to be swept off my feet by the Netflix original The Kissing Booth 2.

If you haven’t seen The Kissing Booth, the first movie, I’d advise you to stop reading further. Go binge it, and I guarantee you’ll be anxious to start the sequel to find out more. If you don’t care about watching movies out of order, that’s cool too. What I love about the sequel is that they don’t tease you for too long to answer your main question: Do Noah (Jacob Elordi) and Elle (Joey King) stay together during his first year at Harvard?

Well, fortunately for fans that were rooting for them at the end of the first film… they do remain together! However, the usual accusations began to arise as you see them try to navigate through their first long distance relationship with each other. In reality, truly, you never really know what your partner is doing within a long distance relationship. We see Noah and Elle go through trust issues, semi-lying, and uncomfortable positions as they try to be considerate of one another, but also true to themselves. So, was the power of the kissing booth strong enough to keep their relationship intact? I think so.

However, two strong possible love interests were produced for both Elle and Noah as fans could easily jump to conclusions of how their story would end. But, despite it all, the film shows you that true relationships last with forgiveness and trust. Not only were Elle and Noah’s relationship tested to the max with dealing with the uncomfortably and uncertain aspect of the unknown, Elle and Lee’s friendships also showed the importance of balancing relationships.

Lee (Joel Courtney) and his girlfriend Rachel (Meganna Young) have grown closer in love together than ever, but there’s one teeny tiny problem. How do you balance spending time with your best friend and your girlfriend, but not disrespecting or hurting either one of them? Lee finds himself in a situation he’s never experienced as he has to juggle two of the most important women in his life. Without the presence and distraction of Noah, it’s understandable why Elle would cling more so to their friendship and everlasting bond. However, Lee has to decide on what and who his priorities actually are, and ultimately has to put his girlfriend first. Regardless, Elle completely understands and gets that, because she was put in the exact same situation with her relationship with his brother, Noah.

As you see Elle and Noah become distracted with the new, attractive love interests that enter their lives, you almost want to shake them to just talk and communicate so things can be less difficult. Oh, if only life worked that way. However, love and understanding brings them back in the end. And with the knowledge that Elle had abruptly applied to Harvard and not just UC Berkeley, both Noah and Lee are on edge to see which side her decision of college will be. Harvard with Noah or UC Berkeley with Lee that they’ve always dreamed of attending together. Talk about making a major decision between two people you love.

To all viewers that are huge fans of the series, I would advise you to up the momentum. I have a feeling that The Kissing Booth 3 will soon be in the works of production. Why might you ask? We see Elle reading news that she has been taken off the waitlist for Harvard and will be able to attend in the fall, if she chooses. Meanwhile she’s still currently waitlisted for UC Berkeley.

Hmmm, I wonder which she’ll choose? I guess we’ll have to wait and see how it goes.


By Kori Barnes, Junior, UNLV

Instagram: @korixnicole


Written by Kori Barnes

Hi! I can eat an entire jar of pickles in one setting and I LOVE to binge watch shows on Netflix. One of the most important quotes to me:
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