[NEW ALBUM] 2.23 by Blac Youngsta

Usually, Blac Youngsta is the last thing I’d ever think about listening to, let alone reviewing. But, after trying to turn up to myself while doing my hair, I quickly figured that I actually enjoyed the silliness that there is to be Blac Youngsta.

Late this month he released a 14 track long project that is nothing less that street anthems and hits! From the classic “Booty” to his collab with Lil Yachty on “Hip Hopper”, I’m really loving it. Blac Youngsta is like the fun thug that every hood has, and that everyone loves. He has a struggle that he channels in certain songs of course, but he’s that great balance between hit street anthems and club anthems.

That type of balance is becoming essential to today’s rap game and it’s honestly the most enjoyable type of music. Go listen yall!

Written by Shay

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