[NEW ALBUM] K.T.S.E. by Teyana Taylor

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So many questions.

Why was this released so soon? In what world did she think this was enough for her fans?

I’ve been following and rooting for TT for quite some time and as a fan I’m not even disappointed, I’m just frustrated. I feel like this album was for the GOOD Music camp to boost themselves, not for her to have a moment of artistic expression. My top two songs are “Issues/Hold On” and “Gonna Love Me”.

“Issues/Hold On” is intimate yet extremely relatable. Production is top notch but once again that’s something for Kanye to show off on. Of course Teyana can sing, but I feel like she did well with the substance of this song more than anything. Melody is on point and her skills are shown just as much as Kanye’s.

“Gonna Love Me” gives off such good vibes. Kanye brought in The Delfonics which are quite a throw back. But it meshed so well with her melody that I didn’t even care. She’s just as expressive in this song as she is in the ones before and I feel a little more soul in this track. Like this song was not for us, it was definitely for Iman.

I wish this was so much longer. I waited so long, I needed more of my girl!

Written by Shay

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