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[NEW ALBUM] Pain and Pleasure by Tink

I don’t really know what I expected from Tink but it really wasn’t this.

I wanted like a full 12 tracks because she missed giving us an opportunity to be in our feelings this past summer like she usually does. As usual though, each of the tracks were different and I’m ready for her to put out an entire album and stop playing. I’ll go through my favorites since there are only three and let you guys know wassup.

“On To The Next One”: I mean the song is about moving on, but in this way that it is what it is. Usually Tink brings us feelings, but she brought us healthy closure and questions with this track and I truly appreciate it. I wish the words that she said were more easily said for us girls. The instrumental is a constant loop with subtle breaks that go along with her melodies, making it a chill track.

“Faded”: There wasn’t really anything too special about this song until I took the time to really listen. She basically was just giving her man free range to do what he wants to do behind closed doors and she said it in a respectful way. She sang “Kill it like you kill your liquor, Let’s see who can tap out quicker”, and I’m anticipating that becoming a caption.

“Get You Home”: Respectful and dignified melodies sexual prowess from a female artist always hits. Tink really came through with that and more on this track. The rhythms throughout the song, her own flow, and her voice were a really wonderful match up. I’m not going to say perfect because it did throw me off a bit.



Written by Shay

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