[NEW MIXTAPE] Beast Mode 2 By Future And Zaytoven

This mixtape literally came out 11 days ago, and during those 11 days I have taken my sweet time to dissect this mixtape and to be honest I’m not too impressed.

Future hasn’t dropped anything recently so with that being said, of course everyone, including myself was excited when it dropped at exactly 11 pm the night of July 6th. Rumor actually has it that BM2 was supposed to drop earlier but Future didn’t want his streams to interfere with Drake’s Scorpion. People are saying that that’s considerate and shows that he’s a good friend, but personally I see it as a smart move being that we all know streams would be split but most would still go to Drake and Future’s project wouldn’t have gotten the credit that it has been awarded.

This was a project done on the backs of Future and Zaytoven of course, but also a late and great sound engineer Seth Firkins who passed almost a year ago. Seth and Future were super close, and Seth had a long track record of hits.

Now Future literally gave us #BlackHoodBoyJoy. He didn’t give us captions, he gave us more ways and methods of being a Hood Boy! I loved some of the lyrics some of them were memorable but I wanted legendary tracks like the first rendition.

Zaytoven. Baby can you please just get it together and give us something different. Like okay we get that you love laying yo life on the keys but realistically it all sounds the same. And I don’t know how this work, but yes I noticed that Trouble and Future were given the same beat. I’m not gone put you out there but I peeped what you did with only changing a few keys in the beginning and taking the engineering to another level on Future’s song.

Written by Shay

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