NEW MUSIC: Guatemala- Rae Sremmurd

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I feel like Rae Sremmurd is really slept on. We know who they are but we aren’t really paying attention to them. I feel like they have something really col planned up their sleeve. We always look at the Sremm Boys for a big record, which they’ve more consistent than most with, but we aren’t listening to their albums.

Their music and videos is dope and they certainly know how to make a hit. We don’t have to go into Summer 18 listening to Unforgettable because they’ve come with this new song called “Guatemala.” It sounds and feels very similar to Unforgettable , but different enough to where we will embrace it, plus that sound isn’t annoying and over saturated on the radio.

I hope they are ready for another Top 5 Billboard hit, because this is definitely IT!



Written by Ciera

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