[NEW MUSIC] ICY GRL by Saweetie ft. Kehlani {Bae Mix}

Just when I thought I was getting over this song, Saweetie and Kehlani definitely did that!

I felt the lyrics of the song when it first came out, like to my soul. But now at a time where I am so over school and trying to keep it all together, I needed a song to come out that said “Yes I’m going through at the moment, but I’m still bad and bougie”. It’s kinda funny, because I am so not motivated for school or anything associated with it. But I still keep on my lil jewels, and make sure my edges are slicked because this song is for that type of ICY GRL!

Thank you Saweetie and Kehlani for coming together and going crazy for a quick second, and remember y’all:

 {And that’s how a hot girl do it/ Keep her head up, even when she goin’ through it}

Written by Shay

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