[NEW MUSIC] Let Me Help You by Mario – FAILS!

Issa joke right?

I don’t like being nit-picky and negative while blogging but I just can’t let this slide.

First of all, the title reminds me of his best song “Let Me Love You”. Like is he trying to be funny with these titles, like what’s going on?

And then we have the leading lady, a beautiful girl that appears to not be of any color at all. Now usually, I understand how social constructs of beauty work and the standard of beauty in the entertainment industry, but that doesn’t mean that I am ignorant to the general appearance of what we call beautiful or sexy in the industry. I’m just saying, with Tyrese just being under fire for celebrating his queen, right now is not the time for anything other than a colored face.

The main reason I noticed is because the song sounds like someone tried to sprinkle some island flavor on it. Just no. The beats don’t hit hard enough, the dance moves were soft, and I just really did not take a liking to the video or the song.

Form your own opinion though…



Written by Shay

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