[NEW MUSIC] Party Monster (Remix) by Dave East


dave east

Dave East is officially a rapper. He made a song dedicated to smashing females!

Kidding. But still, he made a song, like most other rappers, dedicated to saying how many women he can get with, how he can get with them, and what the women do. Tupac had one, The Game has one, Kendrick has one, and now Dave East can be added to the list.

He barely addresses women in his music which makes this track different for me. But this one was focused on having multiple women to have relations with. It’s most definitely not my favorite track, for both content and sound. Plus I hate the Weeknd.

My favorite line from this track would have to be:

{Wednesday I got some head that made me smile different/ In traffic I’m on Karrueche page liking wild pictures}.

That entire section of the song is my favorite part, even though it’s not even that hype. I don’t know, I just hope he doesn’t make a habit of making this type of music.

Written by Shay

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