[New Music] Timbaland & Keri Hilson Apologize To The Carters?


As you probably already knew… Timbaland and Jay-Z fell off after years of a steady friendship as well as the alleged Keri Hilson VS Beyonce’ Beef.

Well you can put all that down the drain because Mr. Carter and Timbaland are doing just fine and Keri Hilson tells all about the alleged beef and that it was never towards the queen Beyonce’, but someone else.

All this was written in a new song intitled ‘Sorry’ personally for “The Carters” Jay & Bey. The song is available on Timbaland’s latest album.


“I got this one song that I did with Keri on my album called ‘Sorry,’ and Keri actually tells the story about the whole Beyoncé thing and how she was sorry about it because she wasn’t really talking about Beyoncé but other people,” says Timbaland.

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