New Music: Trey Songz “Dive In”

Trey’s third single off his new upcoming album,Chapter Five, is entitled Dive In.He released Heart Attack, which expressed the love and hate one might feel in a relationship.Afterwards, he released 2 Reasons.That song was a club hit, as it explored the main 2 reasons males go to the club.Now Dive In is the freaky side of Trey, that we’re pretty use too.This album really seems like it’s going to be good because we’re getting every side of Trey–the sympathizer,the thug,and the freak.What more could you want?I mean every element of one soulful, sexy man is explored on one album.This may be his best one yet, maybe not as good as his album Ready but I will still blast the new one, so we shall see come August 21st.

Check Out The Song Below…Do You Like It Or Not?


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Written by Eri Loves


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