Nicki Minaj Grants Wishes!


Although many know her to be a bold, outlandish, and vulgar rapper with a hard exterior, Nicki Minaj does have a soft side.

Damiyah Telemaque-Nelson is a 5 year old who is suffering from Burkitt Lymphoma cancer. Her only wish was to meet Nicki Minaj and wear one of her cute pink wings. Five weeks ago, John Wall posted an Instagram post, mentioning Nicki Minaj, asking that she assist in making Damiyahs wish come true. Nicki responded, “Hi Miyah!!!! Let’s see what we can come up with for a pretty little princess. ;).”


This weekend Damiyah Telemaque-Nelson was able to meet Nicki Minaj and wear one of her wigs!


Dreams do come true!

Written by Taylor Carr

My name is Taylor Carr. I am a junior public relations major, graphic design minor at Howard University. I am an aspiring event planner and entertainment publicist.

"It's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring."


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