One Season Left of ‘YOU’

Season 4 of “YOU” is now streaming on Netflix.

Although fans were expecting to say their final goodbyes to their beloved leading character in “YOU,” Joe Goldberg (played by Penn Badgley), they received a surprising announcement that the series is renewed for season 5. The very last season. We didn’t think that Goldberg’s fairytale ending in Season 4 would get off that easy, did we?

After binge watching Season 4’s part one and two, I have to admit I was pretty surprised that Goldberg seemed to get off scot-free from his crimes. But, a part of me was hoping that he could get the chance to start over from scratch and find the true love that he’s always longed for. According to, ”At the season’s conclusion, Goldberg returned to New York City with his wealthy partner Kate (Charlotte Ritchie) and a dangerous new lease on life — a life he’s finally admitted is fundamentally immoral, something that Badgley is excited about exploring. ‘I think it sets us up to actually have a really great finale season,’ said Badgley in an interview with Tudum ahead of Season 4’s debut. ‘Can his inner monologue evolve some now? What does it mean for him to accept himself?’” (And how will his planned new bookstore fare in the city’s unforgiving retail market?)

Since the beginning of the “YOU” series, fans and audiences have been captivated by the mature but intense thoughts of Goldberg as he’s taken us through his monologues and situations. Goldberg has struggled throughout the series with accepting the true nature of his crimes and coming to terms with accepting the damage that he’s done upon the people he loved – or thought he loved, at the least. However, maybe his newfound love, Kate, will be the light in his life that leads him in the right direction. Or maybe Season 5 might be the very last that we’ll see of Kate.

The renewed and last season of the series will debut in 2024. Although it may seem far from now, it’s nearly less than a year away. All questions and cliffhangers from the end of Season 4 will be answered in the last Season. Maybe we’ll even get to see a glimpse of Goldberg’s son and what he’s doing to get back to being a father. I guess we’ll just have to stay tuned for the answers.


By Kori Barnes, University of Southern California

Instagram: @korixnicole


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Written by Kori Barnes

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