Owen Scholastic Academy Holds 9/11 Art Auction

Christopher Smith displays his artwork during an art showcase at Owen Elementary Scholastic Academy honoring 9/11.

Yesterday I got to visit Owen Elementary Scholastic Academy, where kids from first through eighth grade, showcased a variety of art depicting 9/11 and mainly the first responders. The goal initially was to auction off the artwork to raise money for the Black Fire Brigade, who trains Black people to be first responders. The money ended up going to the Red Cross foundation, as they have their hands full with providing relief from Hurricane Ian. The event also showcased a high school band, a poetry performance and a dance show, performed by young children who did a phenomenal job.

I had the pleasure of interviewing some of the kids, the first of which being Christopher Smith. He is 12 years old and in the seventh grade. Smith says he wants to be a scientist that deals with animals and biology, which is a super dope profession to get into.

Noelle Withers

I also got to interview a young lady named Noelle Withers. She had my favorite piece of artwork and is only 7 years old. She’s a second grader with the dreams of being a baker. She says she draws every day, but apparently this amazing skill of hers is just a hobby.

The night was capped off by a dance performance brought to us by Kiara Dance Arts Chicago. They teach young ones to dance starting as young as 3 years old. My personal favorite part of the show was when they hopped in their Jamaican bag. This was a great event that showed off young talent. More importantly it raised money for first responders and overall hurricane relief, which is amazing.

To find out more about the student artwork, visit the Owen Elementary Scholastic Academy website.


By Gary Langfield Jr., Senior, The Noble Academy



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