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Paul’s Pop-up Prom A Hit In Houston

In an industry that is filled with celebrities who very seldom give back without looking for publicity or anything else in return, it’s moving to see Chris Paul and his family haven’t let us down. The love that they have for each other travels to those that they give back to. From their generosity and Black Excellence to their big hearts, the Paul family is everything that we should strive to be and here’s why.

Last week, the Houston Rockets point guard, NBA All-Star, and philanthropist, along with his wife Jada, gave some Houston high school students the time of their lives. Eight months following the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, the couple was inspired to start Operation Prom in Houston, hosting a junior and senior prom at the extensively damaged C.E. King High School. To get ready for the “Beauty and the Beast” themed dance, the 800 students that attended were able to pick their prom outfits at an all expense paid pop-up shop, put together by Jada. Although the Paul family is currently holding programs such as Operation Prom in Houston, they haven’t forgotten about their charity in Los Angeles. “There’s enough love to go around,” Jada said.

This isn’t the only time the Paul family has given back to the Houston community. A year ago and for the fifth time, Paul and his charitable wife treated 125 high school girls to a day of glitz, glam, and pampering at the Intercontinental Hotel Los Angeles Century City. The participating girls enjoyed makeovers (hair and makeup) and also got to take home shoes, dresses, and accessories for their special prom nights.

The Paul family have used their platform so well that they’ve  positively impacted many lives and built better relationships within their communities, whether it’s Houston or Los Angeles. This type of Black Excellence is everything that I aspire to be, just as we all should. For the Paul family to constantly give back without expecting anything in return is rare and such a blessing. I mean, how could you not be inspired? I can’t wait to see what else the Chris Paul Family Foundation has in store, next.



By Jada Daniel, Gwendolyn Brooks College Prep, Junior

Twitter: @tgijadaaa

Written by IVC Productions

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