Petty Arguments Ain’t Cute

Tips That May Save Your Relationship

Arguments are definitely one of the worst things to deal with in a relationship, but they happen. We’ve all been through them. The worst arguments are the ones that start as a small problem and escalate into a huge one. This is petty arguing and it’s definitely common, but here are some ways you can stop them.

First, you really have to figure out what the problem is and how it makes you feel. If it’s something that you’re really upset about then speak up and tell your partner how you feel. But if it’s something that even you think is not that big of a deal, then don’t pull your petty card out. Don’t bring it up at all, but if you do, tell your bf/gf about the issue calmly and move on.

Taking your personal business to social media is P-E-T-T-Y. Bringing your disagreement or argument online will only involve more people and bring more drama into your life. Take my advice and just don’t do it. Also, avoid name-calling or other hurtful words. You really can’t take back what you say. Once those words are out in the universe they are there to stay. The best thing to do to avoid petty arguing is to get some space. If you feel you or your bf/gf are starting to raise your voice, then try to take some deep breaths and leave each other alone. Talking after both of you have calmed down can be the difference between staying together and breaking up.

Now here’s the most important step, talk to each other right away when a problem arises. Yes, sometimes even when it’s the smallest thing. Because these small things that bother you or your bae could just keep piling up. This can lead to more problems. When an argument arises, stuff could get brought up that happened months ago. Obviously, this is just going to make the situation worse, so always tell your bf/gf when something bothers you to avoid this type of petty arguing all together.

When it comes to love you have to pick your battles on the things that are worth arguing about if you want to have a meaningful relationship. So the next time you feel like playing the petty card, don’t.


By Veronica Ruiz, Lane Tech, Senior

Instagram: @v.eronicaruiz

Veronica Ruiz

Written by Veronica Ruiz

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