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PHLI Urban Apparel Brings New Pop-Up Store To Chicago

Owner Dave Jeff Is Spreading The Message Of God, Family, Fashion Through The Brand

Photo Credit: Instagram @davejeff

The pop-up shop scene in Chi-town is gaining more popularity, and the newest store for the PHLI fashion line is catching our attention. Owned by creative and influencer Dave Jeff, PHLI (pronounced “fly”) gives us stylish clothes that are unique to the city. Cool and casual denim jackets, graphic hoodies, logo tees, and crewnecks can be found here. If you haven’t heard of PHLI before, just know that the brand has been in our neighborhoods for some time. “I started doing my own tees in early 2000 and everything just kind of progressed from there,” he says.

Jeff has worked with big brands like Nike, PUMA, and K-Swiss. During the event, he did a Q&A session with Shawn Grant of The Source Magazine. I caught up with him as well to learn more about PHLI and his vision. Here’s what he had to say.

Dave Jeff (left) and Shawn Grant (right)

Can you explain what PHLI stands for?

PHLI is backwards for “I Love Hyde Park.” I was born and raised in Hyde Park.

I see the phrase God, Family, Fashion on some of the clothes. Did you create that slogan?

Yup, that’s one of my slogans. That’s just me. That’s my order.

What is the overall goal of the pop-up event?

We are in my creative space, this is the Alpha Space. The Alpha Space is the beginning of everything fly. I do a lot of consulting for other brands…So, this is the kick-off of PHLI’s pop-up because this will be the PHLI store for about a month.

Video Credit: Instagram @davejeff

You’ve collaborated with a lot of big brands like Nike, K-Swiss, and PUMA. Did you design sneakers and clothing?

I did two shoes with Nike as a marketing push for the PHLI store in Hyde Park. That was a while ago. I was an influencer and marketing ambassador for K-Swiss. They allowed me to touch their K-Swiss Classic. I was the first to do that back then. Now, with PUMA, I’m known as Dave 2.0. Meaning not just the brand, but the cultural architect.

What were the titles of the shoes you worked on with Nike?

It was a PHLI Air Max 90 and a PHLI Air Force 25. They were a limited release.

Big ups to this local Black business owner looking to inspire and bring culture to our city. The PHLI pop-up store is located in the South Loop’s Alpha Space at 2014 S. Michigan Avenue.


By Marilyn Koonce, Northern Illinois University Alumna

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Written by Marilyn Koonce

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