Pic Of The Day:Keri Hilson And Her Long Braids

Screen-Shot-2013-08-05-at-11.17.55-AMLook what we have here. Keri Hilson has finally surfaced. Where has she been and am I the only one who thinks she looks different? Not trying to reference the past but I have not heard anything from her since she tried to come at Beyonce and all of Bey’s fans shut her down. Seems like the “beyhive” stung her too many times or at least enough times to make her go m.i.a.

A fan asked her a while back would she be returning to the music industry? She said not right away.

Anyway, Atlanta has a new club called the Krave Lounge. Miss Keri baby was at the grand opening looking cute. I’m loving that dress but she looks really different. I can’t put my hand on it yet or could it be that I have not seen a picture of her in a while? Hmmm I’m not sure.

What ya’ll think about Keri’s new look?

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Written by Eri Loves


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