Pistachio Treats That Are Fun To Eat


If you are someone who loves the nutty and delicious taste of green pistachios, then you’re in for a treat. Here are three simple recipes you can try the next time you feel like whipping up something sweet.

Buttery Pistachio Brittle – This is the perfect, easy candy to satisfy any sweet tooth. This recipe uses minimal ingredients, all within a fairly cheap price range, and the recipe itself is simple enough for anyone to try. This link leads to the straightforward recipe that including a 10-minute prep time and a one-hour and 40 minute cook time.

Easy Pistachio Cake from Scratch In the mood for something bigger that takes less time in the kitchen? No problem. This recipe for a delicious pistachio cake only takes about half an hour of prep and bake time, and the step-by-step instructions are pretty hard to mess up.

Pistachio Lemon Bars – This is my personal favorite. Lemon bars alone are delicious and fresh and incredibly fun to make, but adding in pistachios gives the lemon bars the perfect bright spring flavor for a slightly sour and sweet combo. It’s a fairly short time in the kitchen, only 45 minutes, along with affordable ingredients. The recipe is short and sweet and easy to follow, too.

Each recipe can be done in the kitchen solo or with family or friends for bonding time. Happy baking!


By Sasha Gonzalez, Junior, Chi Arts

Insta: q_k_375

Written by Sasha Gonzalez

Sasha Gonzalez is a junior creative writer at Chi Arts majoring in fiction writing. She's a sucker for baked sweets, good sci-fi and fantasy, and loves reading webcomics. She adores all sorts of animals and is the owner of a cat named Mocha.

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