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Plug Into Retro Plugs by SneakerGODZ

True Star got to learn more about this Chicago fashion brand, SneakerGODZ that creates Retro Plug earbuds designed to reflect pivotal moments of the past and hip hop culture.

True Star intern Clarke Lowry, got to meet with partner of Retro Plugs, Prophet Amen Ra to discuss the brand. Listen to what SneakerGODZ partner, Prophet Amen Ra, has to say about Retro Plugs by SneakerGODZ on our Instagram page.

True Star intern Clarke, was also able to get in contact with SneakerGODZ CEO, Anthwon Moore.


True Star: What is your role with SneakerGODZ and Retro Plugs

Anthwon Moore: I’m bred from the South Side of Chicago. SneakerGODZ was established in 2008 and I’m the CEO of SneakerGodz LLC & lead designer for Retro Plugs by SneakerGODZ.

In the beginning of our company, we got the opportunity to showcase our apparel line and our first sneaker of GODZ at the LV MAGIC Market Place Convention. Through this opportunity, we built rapport with manufacturers were then able to expand into the world of tech.

TS: How did you select Retro 1’s as your first design and the other designs for the plugs?

AM: Of course they’re a classic! When the 1’s dropped in ‘85, I remembered wanting them so bad, unfortunately, circumstances wouldn’t permit me to have them. Fast forward to ‘94, Retro 1’s were the start of the sneaker game as we know it today, truly the O.G.’s of sneaker classics.

TS: What impact has the culture of hip hop had on SneakerGODZ?

AM: The sneaker game and hip hop culture go hand-in-hand. Sneaker culture began, to me in ‘85, within the same decade when hip hop was getting a running start. SneakerGODZ is a lifestyle brand, we have embraced some of our struggles and reflect them back in the fashion we produce. I incorporate music that I listened to growing up in that hip hop era and use it to inspire me to create my clothing line, SneakerGODZ. We’re a conscious sneaker brand.

TS: What does the future look like for SneakGODZ?

AM: SneakerGODZ has alot more in store. #Staytuned

Instagram: @sneakergodz

Written by: Clarke Lowry

True Star Staff

Written by True Star Staff


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