Podcasts Worth The Listen

While being in quarantine, it’s a good time to check out some interesting podcasts no matter what your interests are. Podcasts are a great way for you to stay up to date on various topics. Here are a few podcasts that you should definitely check out.

Introverted Black Girl

Introverted Black Girl takes listeners on a journey through her day-to-day life in the big city of New York. Introverted Black Girl, aka IBG, discusses topics such as relationships, mental health, and pop culture. She’s sometimes joined by her sister M who provides insight on topics as well. IBG also participates in this event known as Podmas in which she uploads a podcast every day for the month of December.

Getting Curious with Johnathan Van Ness 

This TV personality who is known from the Netflix series “Queer Eye,” also has his own podcast that you can find on Apple’s Podcast app as well as Spotify. On each episode Van Ness poses a question pertaining to any topic in which he is curious about. He then brings in someone who is an expert in the field and discusses the topic. Van Ness’ radiant energy and inquisitive nature leaves listeners with newfound knowledge.

Las Culturistas

The Shorty nominated podcast is hosted by Bowen Yang and Matt Rogers who serve up comedy and pop-culture weekly. The pair is most times joined in the studio as they take a trip down memory lane with pop culture discussing conspiracy theories and shows that played roles in our childhood or discussing relevant topics in pop culture.They often discuss how their cultural upbringing affects their outlook on topics.

Since you’re inside, most likely with nothing to do, why not switch things up, pop in your earbuds, and stream some of these podcasts.


By Monique Petty-Ashmeade, Senior, Brooks College Prep

Twitter: @writerinthedakr


Written by TrueStar Staff

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