Pop Culture Costumes for Halloween 2022

Catwoman / Warner Bros.

Once again it’s here, right around the corner. Halloween. That old pagan holiday with the candy and pumpkins and costumes and oh–wait. You don’t have a costume yet, you’ve put it off and now you’re scrambling for something fun, cool, and interesting to wear (Don’t deny it, you wouldn’t be here if this wasn’t the case). But don’t worry! As the queen of procrastination, I’m not here to judge, but to help with my list of eight pop culture costumes you can wear this year.

Pearl / Credit: Christopher Moss/A24


In the 2022 Horror/slasher film Pearl, the main character, also called Pearl, has become an icon of sorts since the movie was released almost a month ago. Pearl, who is slightly insane and more than slightly murderous, is also a pretty fashionable farm girl. Fans of the character have taken to recreating one particular outfit of hers which includes vibrant blue eye-shadow, cowboy boots, pigtails, and short overalls. The red dress she wears is also an option. If you’re someone who likes the energy of insane murder women in film like I do, a Pearl costume might be just right for you.

Catwoman / Warner Bros.

Catwomen from “The Batman”  (2022)

Catwomen has been one of those easy-to-do, go-to Halloween costumes for years. It’s a classic and classics are classics for a reason. It’s hot. If you’re looking to be her this year, you can switch it up by doing Zoe Kravitz’s version of the iconic vigilante. The super easy option is a pulled-down black scull cap with pinched out cat ears (hand-stitch those in place) and a cut-out oval for your eyes. You’ve also got the opportunity to bust out a wig, which is always fun, and to walk around in a catsuit all dark, sultry, and mysterious just like Kravitz herself.

Rue, Maddy, Cassie, or Kat from season 2 of “Euphoria”

Okay, yes, this is more than one costume, but the costume designers over on the set of “Euphoria” just gave too much to work with so It’s not my fault that this list is technically over eight. Anyway, pick one scene from “Euphoria” season two including any of these characters and you’ve got yourself a costume and fun makeup to do along with it. One example is Cassie’s blue Oklahoma outfit from episode three which includes big hair, a patterned blue dress, and a blue flannel tied over that. No doubt you’ll be recognized wearing that one.

Wednesday / Netflix

Wednesday Adams from “The Adams Family” & “Wednesday Adams”

Our favorite OG goth girl is another costume–like Catwoman–that has been beloved for a while. But with the new Netflix series that’s focused on her coming out soon, Wednesday is especially relevant this year. Though the series doesn’t come out until November 23rd, we’re all aware of Wednesday’s love for collared shirts, high socks, and all things black. The vibes are dark-haired gothic school girl.

Stranger Things / Netflix

Eddie Munson from “Stranger Things” Season Four

Eddie Munson…you know exactly who he is, and what he looks like even if you’ve never tuned into one episode of “Stranger Things.” This is exactly why he’ll make a great costume, and even better, all this one requires is a ridiculous ’80s wig,  a T-shirt that you could for sure DIY, and denim jeans. I must warn you though, you’ll probably be one of the thousands of Eddies this year. It doesn’t make it any less cool though, so don’t worry.

Elvis / 2022

Elvis Presley from…Real life I guess, but also “Elvis” 2022

The whole Elvis costume had been previously overdone, but not this year because Austin Butler who played Elvis in the late singer’s recent biopic, has made it fresh and vibrant again. So guys, slick back your hair real nice and throw on those leather pants, that sequence suit, and a patterned shirt because Elvis costumes are officially cool again!

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox

Now we’re going to step away from just movies and shows because there are so many real-life pop culture icons to embody this Halloween, like MGK and Megan Fox. This is a celebrity couple that both fashion designers and the tabloids have a riot with, so there are many outfits and moments to pick from with these two. One particularly fun outfit is what the pair wore to Hulu’s Life in Pink movie premiere. Fox sports pastel pink hair, a pink dress, and pink heels. While MGK is matching drastically in the hair department while wearing white high-waisted pants with a chain and a pink shirt.

Harry Styles

Harry Styles

The man, the legend, the guy in the colorful dresses and boas… Harry Styles! This costume will be fun and easy. If you’ve got anything weirdly patterned with feathers, sequences, or even slightly colorful, then you’ve got the materials to create an outfit that Styles would wear. Throw a feather boa over the whole thing, and you’ll be just golden.


By Kendal Amos, Senior, Chi-Arts

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