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Positive Ways to Use ChatGPT

When I first learned about ChatGPT, it was something I viewed as scary. As a writer and a student, I feared that the new platform would make it more difficult for me to do my job and not be replaced with a computer.

Despite the negative thoughts that surrounded ChatGPT following its release, there are many positive aspects that the platform can be used for. All you have to do is enter a question and wait for the magic of AI to take its course.

Social Media Captions 

Sometimes coming up with a caption is the most difficult part of making a post. By typing in what the photo consists of and asking the platform to create a caption based on the details, multiple captions are generated.

Ex: “What are some good captions for an Instagram post with me smiling?”

Writing Code 

I first heard about ChatGPT in a coding class I took. My professor encouraged us to use it when we found ourselves with broken code.

Ex: “Can you write the code to a home page?”

Generating Story and Content Ideas 

Being a writer and content creator, I sometimes don’t have any ideas on what to create. Using this platform helps me to find new things to write about and create content for that I likely wouldn’t have thought of.

Ex: “What are some story ideas for a young journalist in Chicago?”

Language Translation

Because the platform pulls from all over the internet, it has language translation abilities. Of course, it’s no Google Translate, but it still is a helpful tool for translation. Despite this, it is better at translating things to English versus to other languages. According to Translate Plus, “Like most AI tools, it is also better at translating from some languages than others.”

Ex: “Can you translate ‘Hello, have a great day’ from English to French?”

Crafting Outlines for Writing  

When writing something, especially something lengthy, having an outline with the information you want to include is helpful. It keeps you on target and prevents you from losing track of the points you wanted to make. ChatGPT is able to create outlines that specify each piece of information to include within each individual paragraph. Simply ask the platform to give you an outline on a specific topic and it does just that.

Ex: “Can you write me an outline for an essay about climate change?”

I was scared of ChatGPT at first, but now that I’ve used it, I can see how useful of a tool it is when used correctly. It’s amazing to see how technology has evolved over time. Give ChatGPT a try. You just might like it.


By Cierra Lemott, Senior, Columbia College Chicago

Instagram: @cece.kodak / @kodakscamera

Twitter: @LemottCierra


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Written by Cierra Lemott

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