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Products I Love By Black Women

Lip Bar

As a Black woman, I want to support and help other Black women grow which has led me into actively searching for products made by and for us. I think this helps in my concern with supporting too many big corporations and billionaires too. It’s assuring to know my purchase will directly benefit the creator and their efforts to share their creations with the world. Here’s a list of a few of my favorite products that have genuinely made my life better and changed my perspective on what I’m allowing on or in my body.

  • The Honey Pot Company 

My favorites: Sensitive Foaming Wash & Organic Tampons

Honey Pot has gained nationwide popularity for its organic feminine care products that have solved lifelong problems with many women. Women commonly share that the products reduce their menstrual pain and the length of their period. Honey Pot’s founder, Bea Dixon, created the products after an ancestor came to her with the tools to deal with her own bacterial vaginosis. I, just like many other women, am extremely grateful for Dixon’s influence in introducing organic, non-chemical, and herbal products into women’s daily life to improve the stigma surrounding vaginal health. You can (hopefully) find these products at your local Target when they are in stock.

  • The Lip Bar

My favorites: Ms. Independent Lip Gloss & Lash Flash Strengthening Mascara

I may be biased but FAMU alum, Melissa Butler, snapped when she made The Lip Bar! She started her business in her kitchen while working on Wall Street, because she was fed up with the domination of men in the cosmetic industry. She was even rejected on Shark Tank, but she preserved and is now in over 1000 stores nationwide. The Lip Bar’s products are all vegan and cruelty-free and you can find them in your local Target or Walmart.

Melissa Butler, founder of The Lip Bar
  • Miiriya

I absolutely love Miiriya, an app that lets you shop only Black businesses! It’s almost like Amazon meets Etsy as you can find various items from beauty to food. According to its website, Miiriya means “thoughts and ideas,” in the African language of Bambara/Dioula. That’s the native language of the sole creator, Lamine Loco, who is responsible for all business with the app. The app lets vendors sign up for free with no other fees and 100 percent of their profits go back to them. Download Miiriya today and share with a friend to promote supporting Black people and small businesses!

  • Irie Bliss Beauty

My favorites: An Even Turmeric Face Wash & Aloe Turmeric Face Moisturizer

If it wasn’t for Miiriya, I would’ve never found my newest main addition to my skincare routine. I took a chance on Irie Bliss Beauty’s face wash and moisturizer with turmeric and it’s made my skin clearer and healthier. Everything is noticeably organic and free of any chemicals that would be questionable on my skin. You can find Irie Bliss Beauty at or on the Miiriya app.

  • Petillant Skin

My favorites: Rose Quartz Whipped Soap & Au Naturel Body Butter

My mom brought home a set of Petillant Skin’s whipped soap and body butter and it was a pleasant surprise and an upgrade to my shower routine. Petilliant means “sparkling” and my skin was definitely glowy and soft after a few uses. I also like how the body butter isn’t too thick and doesn’t leave a greasy look on the skin. You can find these wonderful products at


By Kyla Hubbard, Sophomore, Florida A&M University

Instagram: @kyy.r

Written by Kyla Hubbard

When I'm not dancing, I'm writing. And if I'm not writing, I'm sleeping. Yeah I know, I have a pretty boring life.

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