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Protective Styles On The Cheap for Natural Hair


I’m a Black girl who just wants long, healthy hair. But when I do the same style almost every day, I get bored with my look. So here are some natural hairstyles that are easy, affordable, and will help your hair flourish in its length.

Bantu Knots

This updo has a tribal look that flatters the shape of your head and makes you look like you walked out of a punk rock concert. Just lay those edges and your hair will be protected until it’s time to moisturize again.


Flat Twist Styles

The simple style depicted is not the limit to the wonderland of flat twists. From flat twisted updos to flat twisted to the back, this cute and moisture-holding style lasts up to two weeks for me.


If you have medium to long hair, you can’t go wrong with a bun. They protect your ends (the oldest parts of your hair) which prevents breakage and dryness. Don’t fret when you get fly-aways or your bun loosens a bit. Just add gel, brush the surface of your hair, tuck those ends, and your bun is totally fresh.

Wear Headwraps

This simple trick is great for a bad hair day or pure laziness. It covers your whole head, which helps hold your hair’s natural moisture. When using hair scarves, satin or silk material prevent breaking off those fragile baby hairs. However, satin/silk slides around easy. I suggest using a satin/silk scarf first to protect your hair, then use cotton fabric over that as the exterior headwrap.


By Jade Griffin, Sophomore, Gwendolyn Brooks College Prep

Written by IVC Productions

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