Quarantine To-Do List

The COVID-19 quarantine has caused everyone to be confined to their homes. We still have some weeks to go and already everyone seems to be bored out of their minds, including me. Instead of just dying of boredom, I decided to create a list of activities that would make social distancing slightly more bearable.

Catch up on much-needed sleep

The school year wears out any student. All the late nights doing homework, studying for tests, doing projects. It’s all super draining and tiring. Catch on up all that missed sleep during these days of isolation. Your body will thank you for it.

Spend time with family

I mean, you will be stuck in the house with them until you can go back to school, so you might as well spend some quality time with them. There are so many options: movie nights, game nights, cooking together, telling stories, making TikToks. Have fun with your family. This is the perfect opportunity to do so.

Read a book

It may not be something you normally do, but reading for leisure can be relaxing. It gets your imagination going and builds your vocabulary, too. Reading is a way to keep your mind sharp and fresh since we’ll be out of school for so long. It’s also nice to read for leisure because it’ll be something you’re genuinely interested in. On top of that it will take your mind off all the drama going on in the world. Search True Star’s book section for great recommendations.

Binge some shows

There are so many streaming services with so many different types of shows. I can almost guarantee that you won’t run out of things to watch anytime soon. Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, YouTube–the possibilities for shows are (practically) endless.

Have some self-care days

It’s never a bad time to show yourself a little extra love. Take a bubble bath, do a face mask, meditate, it doesn’t matter. Just take a little time out of your day to ease your mind and relax.

Take up a new hobby

I know there have been times where you thought of taking up a new hobby but couldn’t because life was getting in the way. Well, now’s the perfect time to finally start that new thing since life is kind of on pause right now. You’ll have weeks to focus and perfect your new craft. Draw, paint, write, learn a new language, whatever it is just get started.

Catch up on all your schoolwork 

This is probably the last thing on your mind, but you’ll be glad once you finally finish. The difference now is that you don’t have to pull all-nighters and cram to everything in. You can space it out and give your mind a little break while still getting things done.

Get your life together

Start deleting and throwing away all the unnecessary things you’ve been hoarding. This will also give you the opportunity to clean and sanitize everything and put yourself at less risk of getting sick.


If you don’t want to do any of those other things, just do nothing. Give your mind and body time to relax and reset. After a while, doing nothing may get a little boring, but allowing yourself a few days of being stress-free will be rewarding.

I know this isolation isn’t going to be the most fun, but you have to try to make the most out of it. Enjoy it as much as you possibly can. For even more ideas, check out this article from the website The Cubicle Chick.


By Cierra Lemott, Senior, Brooks College Prep

Instagram & Snapchat: @cece.kodak

Written by Cierra Lemott

I'm a professional procrastinator and my hobbies include sleeping, eating, and Netflix binging.

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