Queen Elizabeth II is Laid to Rest

Burial procession of Queen Elizabeth II. / Getty

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the longest reigning and female monarch in England, was laid to rest after passing away on September 8th. She is buried at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle. The day remains significant not just because of her legacy but also because of what it means for the next steps of the country. As a young Black British woman, I have seen the effort, determination and perseverance Her Majesty continuously portrayed and throughout her 70 years of reigning. At the tender age of 25 she took on the position as Queen following the death of her father, George VI.

Particularly interested in the commonwealth, her Majesty ruled 15 countries and visited more than 100 countries, making her the most traveled Monarch in Britain history. With any job comes responsibility and I believe she took it well. Despite scandals of family issues, she appeared poised and elegant. The joy on her face was always contagious especially when regarding her love for horses as seen in many photos.

The queen with her horses.

September 8th was a day everyone knew was coming but also a day most thought was impossible as she forever seemed young. Her death brought sadness yet good memories of how she helped many communities. People shared her visits to their hometown or local shops in tribute to Her Majesty. My sister, Marian, reflected on her childhood when the Queen drove past our primary school and “I cried because I was so excited to see her… I won’t ever forget it, even 15 years on.”

Even though the Queen’s death effected the nation, protocol is still required. Her son Charles is now King Charles III of England. At the age of seventy-three he is one of the oldest Monarchs to take position as King. Yes, his role is hereditary, but I believe William, Prince of Wales, could be better suited for the role because he is younger and therefore able to effectively use his time and relate to the growing country.

Nevertheless, I too believe it is only just that King Charles III gets the right to take position as King since he inherits the title. My hope, as well as the hope of many others, is that King Charles III executes his role to the best of his abilities and reaches the outstanding standards his mother gracefully exceeded. With the many negative comments towards the democracy of the Royal Family, I hope King Charles III will help create space for more unity and peace.

New beginnings always require an end to something.

Rest in Peace, Our Queen Elizabeth II.


By Emmanuella Alausa, Bishop Thomas Grant High School, London

Instagram: @theellls

Written by Emmanuella

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