‘Queenie’ Is Sure To Please

A TSL Book Review

Have you heard the buzz surrounding this debut novel Queenie by Candice Carty Williams? It’s a New Adult Contemporary about Queenie, a young Jamaican and British woman whose life is totally and completely falling apart. First, her boyfriend of three years leaves her. Then, she loses her apartment, her traditional Jamaican family starts getting all up in her business, and finally, she’s about to be fired from her job which is the best thing that has happened to her career. So basically, Queenie’s life is on fire. The book is about her picking up the pieces and trying to make her boyfriend fall back in love with her, but it’s also got way deeper meanings. I counted so many awesome themes in this book, so I figured I’d make a list of them below:

  1. Being part of Black or Afro Caribbean familial hood
  2. How Black people obsessively clean their homes (seriously we are crazy about germs)
  3. Black girls being treated like dollar store candy
  4. The struggles of trying to date interracially (why do we always have to stay in our lane?)
  5. Trying to to talk to your Black family about mental health (good luck)
  6. Black girls and the “Angry Black Woman” stereotype
  7. Black girl curves are looked down upon
  8. Sometimes, you just gotta let go of a friendship (see you next lifetime!)

I LOVED all of the British slang and culture in this book. It was wicked funny! (See, I learned some British slang!) The book still read like a comedy even though it touched on really heavy topics like child abuse and racism, but most of all I loved Queenie herself. Queenie had tons of flaws – she was often selfish, childish, and overly emotional. It was really cool seeing her grow, learn from her mistakes, and also to develop!

Beware while reading this book because it does have some adult content – but it will also teach you a lot. You will relate to it. You’ll laugh, you might even cry. Queenie is one of my new favorite books. Read it. You won’t be sorry!


*Rating: 5 Stars out of 5


By Jesse E

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Written by TrueStar Staff

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