R.I.P. Capital STEEZ


I actually found out about Capital STEEZ‘s death last night via Twitter, and I was actually distraught as if I knew him. It’s weird feeling that much of a connection, and I only knew Capital STEEZ through his music. Capital STEEZ was incredibly talented, and it’s so sad to lose him at the young age of 19 on Christmas Eve. Ugh. There’s still no word on his cause of death but most people believe it was suicide because of the last tweet on his page. It was very spooky. I know the whole Pro Era crew is hurting right now. My condolences go out to them, and STEEZ‘s family. Hip Hop has lost a very incredible talent.

R.I.P. Jamal “Capital STEEZ” Dewar (July 7, 1993 – December 24, 2012)

Gone too soon.

Life’s too short. Tell your loved ones you love them.

If you want to, download Capital STEEZ‘s mixtape that was released back in April: AmeriKKKan Korruption Reloaded here and you can also download Pro Era‘s mixtape, PEEP: the aPROcalypse here (was just released on the 21st. *sighs*)

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