Rap Life From Miami’s POV

Issa Rae’s new show give a new perspective on rap

Issa Rae’s new HBO Max series “Rap Sh!t” stars Shawna Clark (Aida Osman) and Mia Knight (KaMillion).

The creative and brilliant mind of actress, writer, and producer Issa Rae, has done it again with her newest series “Rap Sh!t” that is exclusively on HBO Max. The debut of this series is the perfect closure for summer fun and madness.

An interesting fact to note about the series is that the inspiration was drawn from two of Miami’s city girls, JT and Caresha aka Yung Miami, who always rep their city in every way possible. I love that this series focuses on strong women who are chasing their dreams and shows their drive, determination, and the trials they go through. It’s often incredibly difficult to deal with life and issues you may go through alone, but to have a best friend that is there for you, supportive, and sticking by you no matter what truly does make a difference. As friends Shawna Clark (Aida Osman) and Mia Knight (KaMillion) star in the series and fans follow their journey to the potential rise of stardom, they’re also opposed to the realities of hardships and relationships that can be tested.

Another interesting fact about the series is that Yung Miami and JT are executive producers of the show. The series depicts the real life situation of meeting people who seem to have it all together or that they truly have the money they may flex about on social media, but in reality everything comes with a price. And honestly, throughout the show viewers can learn that sometimes the hefty price tag may not be worth it or even attainable. However, there’s a certain spark and flavor that the two friends have when they come together in trying to make their dreams come true; a certain charisma that’s very hard to obtain.

Additionally, respect is a strong factor that holds weight throughout the series. It shows how hard it is to get and how easy it is to lose. had this to say about the series: “Though the series is shot with an eye for bringing out the natural, sun-washed beauty of a beach city like Miami, it’s also straight up about the lengths its characters sometimes have to go to if they want to enjoy it. Everyone on ‘Rap Sh!t’ wants more than they’ve got, and are convinced they can turn things around given the money and opportunity — which, after spending enough time with them, is hard to argue. They all have more talent and charisma than they often get credit for; watching them figure out how to capitalize on that fact proves to be ‘Rap Sh!t’s’ greatest asset.”

JT and Yung Miami have given us a sneak peek into the reality of how their duo was formed and how they plotted on how to rise to stardom. Issa Rae’s creative mind and direction has captivated audiences with the story of these two powerhouse women.

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By Kori Barnes. University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Instagram: @korixnicole

Written by Kori Barnes

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