Real Conversation About Chicago’s Gun Violence

Chicago is known to be the home for jazz and blues music. Our city is known for it’s gospel festivals, Taste of Chicago,art galleries, great food, beautiful beaches, parades,and amazing views. I work downtown and everyday there is someone who stops in front of me to take some random picture of a building, street, or water fountain, which can be very annoying! Some days I’m good with it and then others I want to snap completely off! I realize that people are not from Chicago and our big beautiful buildings are unlike anything they’ve ever seen before. Chicago is just simply impeccable.

However, Chicago has recently become known for its violence. Sadly, I must report that since the year has started gun violence has increased 38%. Now that may not seem like a lot, but it is when you constantly keep losing a friend, an associate, family members, or neighbors. Over the weekend, nearly 40 people were shot or lost their lives. The week before it was 30 people. As the sun blazes, the guns go off.

I lost someone I knew very well two weeks ago. He was a passenger and received many bullets to his body before dying a painful death. It hurts deep inside and it’s shocking.You can never prepare yourself for death. With a sickness you can try to prepare for it, but with a bullet there is no way you could ever prepare for the coping you’ll have to endure. Bullets have NO names.

I’m saddened that our generation keeps losing people. Seems like the police aren’t doing enough. For the NATO Summit, the police were everywhere to ensure safety. When it was over the violence continued like someone had pushed play on a VCR. Chicago is losing more people than Iraq. We’re at war for unknown reasons. My bad, we do have reasons which may involve money. Sorry but those are stupid reasons to go kill a person.

On Twitter, people have expressed how they’re scared to lose someone or better yet lose their own precious life.I just want to make it out of Chicago to get to college alive. So, I have a challenge for you guys. Text everyone in your phone and let them know you love them and to watch their surroundings when they go out. Also, if you know somebody with a gun, encourage them to get rid of it or lock it up. Help them out when they’re angry. If you get angry try to deal with it by talking it out or going for a walk. THE GUN VIOLENCE HAS TO STOP. JOIN THE MOVEMENT! SPREAD YOUR POSITIVE ENERGY!


Written by Eri Loves


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