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I must say time flew by as I am now walking into my sophomore year of college. I remember this time last year–trunk parties, orientations, class schedules, headaches, anticipation, to do lists, and lots of shopping! Whew, bittersweet I must admit. I had people all in my ear about what to and not to expect of college. So many “I wish you wells” and “good lucks.” So I’m pretty sure that you are too. I’m not going to make this long or bore you with the details of school. I do want to tell you ladies and gents a few things though.

IF YOU HAVE AN 8 O’CLOCK CLASS, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BE RESPONSIBLE WITH GOING TO SLEEP AT A DECENT TIME! First semester I had all 8 ‘clock classes. I THOUGHT I was a morning person until college. Not that I was partying hard but because of homework, essays, study sessions, etc.Time management is going to play a key role in your college experience. If you don’t have it, you need to find it regardless of how late or early your classes are.

Stay on top of your bill. My rewards letter stated I owed zero dollars out of pocket and when I got to school I ended up owing a couple of thousands. Happens to lots of people. Start looking at that the second week you get there. Go and talk to your financial aid adviser for help and other resources. Thought I could not pay for this semester but my school just took care of my books and tuition. Not lucky just blessed! I’m sure you’ll get blessed too.

Use EVERY resource at school. Look let me tell you this. You’re paying for them resources whether you know it or not! Their fee is hidden in your tuition. So USE THEM! Be cool with RA’s. They can help you.

Have diverse friends. It helps you network for jobs and it also helps you get out of your comfort zone. Join clubs too. Oh, if you want a job start applying NOW!

As promised I won’t make it long. I’ll probably do another one closer to everyone starting classes. If you have questions NEVER hesitate to ask. If you are shy and don’t want to ask use Twitter, tweet me and just simply say “Can I have your email?” I’ll tweet it to you. Congrats again class of 2013 and to everyone moving on to college. It is a whole different experience.

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Written by Eri Loves


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