Reality Television: Toya And Memphitz Wright


We all know that Toya has had two shows in the past, Tiny and Toya and Toya: The Family Affair. Both shows premiered on BET. Now Toya and Memphitz, are trying their hand at a reality show together. This time the show will focus on the business side of their love affair. It will be entitled, Mickey and Toya: The Wright Way. We will see how professional this couple really is.

If your guess as good at mine, they’ll probably tell a little bit of what happened between Memphitz and K. Michelle. The two have been making smart remarks ever since K.Michelle spoke out on Love and Hip Hop about the brawl. The last we heard, Memphitz is suing K.Michelle for false allegations. Hmm, hopefully the truth comes out soon because something just don’t seem right!

The show has no air date yet, but we’ll keep you posted!

Twitter: @love_war_hate

Written by Eri Loves


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